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10 Heart Warming facts about love

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Actual 3-year-old Tony Stark, everyone. 


omg look at these dorks

Human Hatchling- Closed RP


Maihri hesitated, looking at her son. He was fast asleep, and she ran her hand over his dark hair lovingly. She looked torn, not wanting to leave his side for a moment. “If she really needs me to…” she began.

"Well it could wait till later," he said and looked over Koli. "Don’t worry, no one here is going to hurt him. You two are safe here, consider Berk your home."

Hidden Rival


"That’s pretty cool." Alox said as he smiled and petted Sharpshot, "How are we going to get them alone though?" Alox asked as the terror got comfortable on his shoulder.

"That’s not too difficult," he said. "I’ll just tell them to come to my house later. Snotlout and the twins don’t usually pay attention to much that I say so when they’re distracted I’ll let them know."

Human Hatchling- Closed RP


"Curable, no. Treatable, yes. Often, it goes away with age, but depends on how well it’s treated before. But I’ve been pretty successful with it. Steam helps. Cold air definitely aggravates it. I know you fly here but…it’s best if that waits. The air is even colder and thinner in the sky. She might not be able to breathe at all up there, at least right now. But I can’t be sure until I examine her."

"Well anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated," he said. "Her mother and I would really like to not have to worry she’s going to pass out after running around with her friends. If you’d like I can take you to see her now, she’s outside playing with the dragons."



Jack was a bit confused. All he remembered happened yesterday was that they were shopping and finishing off there homework. “What do you mean? What televised broadcast?” Jack blinked at him and sat up a bit. Jack could not help to wonder, how he had missed something being brodcasted about his parents and he not knowing. 

Hiccup looked at him. “Well yeah,” he said. “Yesterday we went to your house to get your things, yesterday was Saturday. Today’s Sunday, we went to the mall and got you new stuff. There’s no doubt that there was something on the news about the arrest yesterday. I’m sure there will be one tomorrow morning, we can watch the news tomorrow and see.”

To Catch a Mermaid


"But if we disappeared for a while everyone would think I’d murdered you." Astrid replied, sighing at her new reality. "We should head back before someone sends a search party for your body."

Hiccup laughed and looked at her. “I didn’t mean we should go right now,” he said as he stood up. Holding out a hand to her he helped her up off the ground. “Race you back?”

Pleasures of the Khal


Finishing her meager breakfast she hoisted Briar up onto her hip and began walking towards the door. Heading towards the royal tent, she passed Ruff the bag of clothes, following Hiccup up to the pavilion. Setting the boy down she waited for Hiccup to send her on a fake errand so she could slip out and get dressed for the events.

Hiccup had Astrid pull up a chair beside his for Briar before he let her go off and get ready. Brunet rubbed the boy’s head then looked over to his father and Gobber. “Good morning,” he said. “Ready for a day full of events.” The boy was mentally praying his dad wouldn’t ask him if he’s found a bride yet.



"When I agreed to marry you, cooking was not part of our bargain." Astrid countered, he knew how bad she was at it. She could at least cook meat but even then you ran the risk of it not being cooked properly.

"And I told you I’d have no problem cooking for us," he said and wrapped his arms around her waist. Hiccup kissed her neck and held her against his chest gently as he swayed a little. "So after I check on the house what would you like to do today?"

Hidden Rival


"That’s comforting, and that sounds like a plan. Should we tell them both right away? Do you think I could help you guys with this power? It would be nice to find something constructive to do with this ability." Alox said before the terror landed on his shoulder, "Hey, where did you come from?" He asked as the terror climbed onto his head and cooed contently.

"Let’s not tell them right away," he said. "No doubt when we find them they are going to be with Snotlout and the twins so we should wait till we can get them alone. Plus I’m sure we can find something around here for you to do." Hiccup laughed as Sharpshot joined them and landed on Alox. "He’s never too far away. We use the terrors for what we call air mail."

Human Hatchling- Closed RP


Maihri frowned for a moment, “Does she cough, too? And wheeze? And does cold air make it hard to breathe?” Both right on the dot. “There’s a breathing illness, some people are just born where things make it harder to breathe sometimes. Running, cold air, sickness, or if they panic too much…It’s treatable. But it’s more dangerous in children. They tend to panic more.”

Hiccup nods. “Yeah she does,” he said then listened to her explanation. “Is there a cure for it? She wants to do so much but often times it leaves her out of breath and I want her to be okay.”

Hogwarts AU


He gave a small nod looking to him as he smile. “See you at breakfast.” He replied simply, watching Hic go his own way, and Jack his. Finally making it to his room, he saw his stuff there, and placed babytooth in her cage giving her a small smile. “Night Babytooth.” He said softly before sitting on his bed.

The next morning Hiccup was the first one out of his dormitory as he raced down to the library. He grabbed several books from a specific section, checked them out then made his way down too the great hall to join his friends for breakfast. Upon arrival he didn’t see anyone so he took at seat at the end of the Ravenclaw table.

Back From the Dead


She smirked, “Of course.” Taking his hand, she let him pull her up and put her arms around him, “I’ve been debating when to get you on Toothless all day. You don’t know how hard it was not to cave this morning.” She chuckled and leaned her head on his back. One of her favorite things had been flying with Hiccup. It was almost hard to believe that they would get to fly together again. “If you take off, I may just switch that pedal out when we get back. A nice, easy flight, that’s all we’re going to take.”

Hiccup laughed and looked at her. “Alright,” he said and kissed her forehead. “Come on bud, let’s do a nice easy lap around the island.” Toothless grunted at them and spread his wings to take off into the sky. Hiccup’s face lit up as soon as they were in the air and his body began to relax as he looked around. “I missed this.”