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Human Hatchling- Closed RP


"I’m scared she’s lonely." Astrid said quietly, following his gaze. Lifa was playing quietly by herself with her little wooden animal figurines. Stoick finally found a purpose for his wood working hobby.

Hiccup nodded and looked at his daughter. “I think so too,” he said. “She doesn’t show it much and she’s happy playing with the dragons. It’s just every time she gets together with the village kids a fight usually breaks out and she’s in the middle of it. I told you we shouldn’t of started her combat training so soon.”:

Hidden Rival


Alox nodded before he walked up the stairs with Sharpshot still on his shoulder, he laid down on the bed and sighed as the terror laid across his stomach. Alox petted the little dragon as he stared up at the ceiling. His thoughts took over and he was reminded of the forest he had once lived in. But then he glanced towards Toothless, “Thank you too, you two sure are something, you know that right?” He had meant it as a compliment to his new friend and the night fury.

Toothless smiled and wagged his tail then licked Alox’s face. The dragon had been weary of the boy at first but since Hiccup trusted him and he hasn’t done anything to hurt them, he had no problem with him. The dragon nuzzled him once more then went over to his stone slab and curled up.

Back From the Dead


Astrid couldn’t help the wide smile that seemed to permanently grace her lips. She was too happy to let anything get in the way. “Do you even need to ask?” she giggled in his ear. “If you want to keep flying, I’m up for it.” She learned her chin on his shoulder again, watching the beautiful scene around them.

Hiccup laughed and nodded. “You got it Milady,” he said and they went around again. This time the took a little bit of a different round, Hiccup under the waterfall they created when the Flightmare attacked. They obviously couldn’t see the glowing algae because Arvendole’s Fire wasn’t in the sky. He then took them through a forest path and up towards the mountain.

To Catch a Mermaid



Hiccup cracked an eye open as he grabbed the blanket and put it over her head to block the light. “Better?” he asked softly. He smiled down at her and kissed her forehead add he rubbed her back.

"No." Astrid pouted up at him. "I’m awake now." And she couldn’t find a way to go back to sleep so she wasn’t going to let him sleep either.

Hiccup refused to key her get up add he buried his face in her neck. “Just lady with me for a bit longer,” he pouted. Brunet gave her a cheeky smile and moved her hair away from her face.